Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cortina Cliffhangers

The second day of our Cortina adventures began at the resorts of Cristallo and Faloria, which are directly across the street from each other, and less than a 30 minute ride from the village. 

Taking the lift to the top of the mountain, where part of 'Cliffhanger' was filmed. 

A building left over from World War I, situated near the top of the lift.


We ventured up the stairs and clambered the last few steps up precarious boot pack to get the ultimate view over the Dolomites...

...definitely worth it!

A ladder at the top offered the opportunity to go even ski boots, we all decided it may be a better idea to stick closer to the bottom however.

The views downloading are about as spectacular as going up...the Dolomites provided innumerable photo ops

One of the more exotically flavored schnapps...viper.

Rose infused schnapps seemed to be the more appealing option however. 

A shelf full of schnapps options...


Team Alpine was able to test out their curling skills, just another off piste option for those that want an alternative to skiing.

Probably not quite ready for the Olympics!

One final picture in Cortina before taking the transfer to Venice. The Grand Hotel Savoia offered a modern take on luxury, with a recent renovation providing the opportunity to take the hotel in a different direction.


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