Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Alpine's St. Anton Adventures

After a quick 30 minute bus ride from Zurs, we began our day in St. Anton with mixed weather. The clouds accompanied us to St Anton, but we still had an excellent view of the village from the slopes.

The size of the grins on everyone's faces seemed to grow as we rode higher above the clouds, and blue sky put in an appearance.

High above the clouds, the mountains seem endless as the valley is nowhere to be seen...

Dining at Verwallstube, the highest elevation gourmet restaurant in Europe with our fabulous ski guide, Naggy, and our hostess from St Anton, Miriam. Team Alpine highly recommends this restaurant, as its chef is known worldwide, and while we had a more traditional (and delicious!) meal of red meat and potatoes, the restaurant is also famous for its fish delicacies.

Between the mouth watering meal, excellent service, and stunning views, the Verwallstube lives up to its reputation as a mecca for foodies that want an unparalleled dining experience. Our meal ended on a sweet note with a cream cheese dumpling for dessert.

Team Alpine took in the scenery from the top of Valluga, the highest peak in St Anton at over 2800 meters.

 After a hard day of work, Amy thought the ski day was over. Little did she know...

...the apres party was just beginning at the Mooserwirt, where the entire mountain meets at the end of the day to revel in strong sunshine, good drinks, and even better company.

 Alpine Adventures puts in an appearance at the apres ski in St Anton...

 ...And turns it up when Neil Diamond joins the festivities...

We got to finish our day up with another great dinner in Zurs at Die Ente von Zurs, courtesy of TUI. 


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